What is the purpose of flat rack container?

A flat container is equipment used to ship products internationally when the cargo does not fit inside a standard container. Usually, a flat shelf is used to transport or store cargo with unique dimensions. Flat shelves only have sides on the short side of the container, the bulkheads, so that the load can stick out the side of the container during transport. Flat-grid shipping containers help carry goods that don't fit in a standard container due to their abnormal weight or size.

Flat-shelf containers are important when shipping large, bulky items, as they provide continuous storage space. However, the advantages of additional storage come at the expense of structural integrity. As they do not have side walls, heavy loads can be loaded in units with flat luggage racks both on the top and on the longer side (length). It has a solid base and 2 walls that give it the appearance of a bookcase, giving the container a rather unique name. The absence of side walls in containers with flat shelves makes them ideal for transporting loaded cargo, which might otherwise be difficult to load through the side doors.

Some examples of residential cargo transported in flat cargo containers include livestock, flowers, and plants. Due to the open space, flat shelves are suitable for transporting industrial pipes that are very large and do not fit in conventional container units. Four foldable and stacked flat shelves occupy the same area as a standard shipping container, meaning they provide incredible opportunities for save space. Shipping containers with flat shelves are only used for residential purposes when transporting household items that require air circulation.

Aircraft jet or turboprop engines are one of the most common types of products shipped in flat containers. A flat shelf container is like any other container, except that it lacks 2 side walls (usually the longest faces) and has no roof. Foldable containers with a flat grid have walls at the edges of the base that can be folded or separated when not in use.

Flat-zip container shipping

is definitely right for you if you're used to transporting domestic cargo using a flatbed trailer or other type of open-platform trailer.

A foldable flat shelf has sides that can be folded so that the empty container can be shipped more efficiently. For this reason, it's best to store shelves flat on top of a stack of containers (4 to 5 units tall as conventionally) or on the floor. However, the flat shelf container has only 3 sides: the horizontal bottom and 2 smaller vertical end faces.

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