What are the dimensions of a 24 ft container?

With 1,391 square feet of space within their interior dimensions, the 24-foot containers provide ample storage and housing space for many. Examples of items installed in 24-foot containers are curtain sides, roller blinds, windows, doors, checkered floors, lighting, heating, electricity, layer coverings, condensation control, grilles, openings and hatches. These containers meet the 8-foot wide and 8-foot 6-inch tall requirements of standard shipping containers. Also available as housing units, tunnel-type containers (with double ends) and tall cube units that provide 9 feet and 6 inches of height.

Shipping containers are available new or used (quality A) and are 8 feet wide as standard to meet ISO (international shipping) regulations. These strict regulations ensure that the supplied ISO container meets strict design and manufacturing standards to provide a high-quality, fit-for-purpose shipping container.Due to lack of availability, lower demand, and requested modifications, a 24-foot storage container may cost slightly more than expected. A used 24-foot container is a unit that, after its trip as a new container, has been used several more times to store goods in the domestic market. Below you will find the nominal dimensions* of the 24-foot containers in metric and imperial sizes.

If drivers are available to complete the delivery at the location you specify, the 24-foot containers can easily fit into a trailer or large truck and be delivered directly to your property without problems. While 20- and 40-foot storage containers are the most popular shipping container sizes to buy, there's also the option of buying “reduced” sizes for those projects and developments that require a more specific size. The container industry describes a new 24-foot container as a steel unit that is loaded with cargo at its manufacturing site, transported to the UK and then sold in the domestic market. When 20-foot containers are too small and 40-foot containers are too large, a 24-foot container is the perfect option for you, whether for a storage space, a construction project, or even for housing purposes.

Because 24-foot metal containers are downsized to meet more specific size requirements, they aren't usually available as often as the sizes of standard shipping containers. With 1,391 square feet of space within their interior dimensions, the 24-foot containers provide ample storage and housing space for many supplies and projects.

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