How often should you have your mattress professionally cleaned?

The best solution is to call a professional. A good rule of thumb is to clean mattresses, upholstery, and carpets together a couple of times a year. In general, we recommend cleaning the mattress once every 6 months or so. Of course, if you spill anything on the mattress, you should clean it immediately before the stain settles. Using a quality mattress protector will reduce the need to clean the mattress so often.

Regular cleaning will help extend the life of the mattress, but it's still important to know when it's time to buy a new mattress and how to dispose of the old mattress. Considering the amount of time we spend in bed, it's a no-brainer to make sure we keep that space as clean as the rest of our homes. The good news is that it's not too complicated, and Mehta says we really only need to do it twice a year. year.

If your mattress isn't designed to be flipped over, you can clean the underside, but be careful when turning it over and don't push too hard on the mattress. The cost of professional mattress cleaning services varies slightly depending on the size of the mattress and its condition. After removing any visible stains and allowing the mattress cover to dry completely, apply a thin layer of baking soda to the entire surface of the mattress. To clean the mattress regularly, Consumer Reports suggested vacuuming the bed every month and thoroughly washing the mattress every six months. While there aren't enough studies to provide a standard recommendation, mattress cleaning professionals in Singapore suggest deep mattress cleaning at least twice a year.

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