What can cause damage to a shipping container?

As containers are moved, stacked and transported within the terminal, the fast pace and demanding schedules can result in rough handling incidents. Stagnant water remains a threat to shipping containers, especially on the roof, which can cause more damage. Watch for any dents or damage in the paint that could hold moisture. Any signs of rust should be repaired as soon as possible. Shipping containers that have been exposed to salt water tend to have a higher risk of rust.

In welded repairs, areas around the door and along the floor are also particularly vulnerable to rust. These areas should be sanded and repaired as soon as possible to prevent further corrosion. Most of the time, you'll notice rust on the bottom of the container, on the door of the shipping container, or on the joints. However, if the interior condition is not suitable for the load and can be damaged during delivery, it is also known as damage.

Inexperienced heavy-duty equipment operators cause damage to containers during yard operations; therefore, they need good training. Failures in the handling of heavy-duty equipment cause damage to containers during loading, unloading and handling time. Every shipping and storage container is personally inspected and photographed, so you can make the best buying decision in person or online. The quality and condition of the shipping container you select will determine the type of repairs that will be performed first.

Before you can inspect a container like a professional, you must understand the basic anatomy of a shipping container. Intermodal transport is facilitated by shipping containers that allow transportation using different modes of transport, such as ships, trucks and railways. However, repairing a shipping container with larger holes is costly, as you have to remove the steel part and then weld a new part to put it in place. Please note that one or more people are currently using Conterm information to fraudulently advertise the sale of shipping containers at low prices on Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji.

If you're looking for a used shipping container, it's important to know the different types of damage and repairs so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. By regularly inspecting and maintaining your container, you can prevent serious damage and subsequently save time and money repairing damaged shipping containers. Damage may be due to one or more situations of improper handling or use of the container that may affect structural integrity, dimensions, water tightness, light tightness and certification requirements of the container. Be a smart consumer and protect your investment and cargo by learning to inspect a shipping container like a professional.

If you carry out regular inspections of the container, you will notice the slightest damage, such as a small scratch or a small rust stain. Now that you know the history, anatomy and how containers end up being damaged, let's talk about how to inspect a shipping container like a professional.

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