What are three advantages of using container shipping?

The container is a standard transport product that can be handled anywhere in the world (ISO standard) through specialized modes (ships, trucks, barges and wagons), equipment and terminals. They offer large storage capacity for bulkier items, while smaller items can be packed in smaller steel boxes and then loaded into a larger container. Its shape and size optimize stacking capacity in different modes of transport. For example, they can be stacked twice on trains or boats.

One of the best advantages of shipping containers is that they are inexpensive. Renting a shipping container, either for storage or as a mobile office container, is economical compared to renting additional space in the building. It's a more efficient and timely way to obtain your equipment, inventory, tools, or documents than going to a self-storage facility multiple times. This is because shipping containers can remain on your company's property, so you and your employees can recover items quickly.

Companies use them for storage and mobile offices and use modified shipping containers to promote and market their brand. I stopped using other container storage companies and portable offices because they cost more and offered much lower customer service. Shipping containers provide opportunities for future business projects and work for diverse industries. Regardless of your business project, renting a shipping container from Southwest Mobile Storage can help you achieve your successful business goals. Most containers that are going to be transported by large cargo ships usually have their details and information attached outside the container, making it easier for the customer and customs officers to identify the container quickly.

Renting a mobile container can also be a good decision during your office renovation, so that no one is left without a place to work. Containers can carry both hazardous liquid substances, such as hydrocarbons, and solid products, such as wheat. We lease and sell new and used ISO steel containers and ground-mounted mobile offices for construction, commercial and residential moving and storage in Arizona, California and Colorado. I have been renting storage containers and portable offices from Southwest Mobile Storage for more than 10 years and have always had a great experience.

The transport of goods by containers is a viable solution that enables, in particular, the international transport of goods at a low cost. Another advantage of shipping containers is that your company has a variety of options that will fit your budgetary needs. Renting a shipping container from Southwest Mobile Storage provides additional storage and can reduce or eliminate costly construction work for building expansions.

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