What are the different grades of shipping containers?

Choosing the right container state will depend on your unique needs. For example, a container that has a solid structure for shipping may not be aesthetically appealing due to oxidation or dents or dents.


Worthy containers have been inspected and considered worthy of being used on a cargo ship based on several criteria. Below, you'll find the description of each container category, so the next time you're looking for storage containers for sale, you'll have a solid foundation for making an informed and accurate decision. Basically, it means that the condition of the shipping container is considered suitable for cargo transportation.

Grade B containers are in perfect condition and are probably worth shipping, grade B containers may have some dents and scratches, but can be used for storage. The quality of the shipping container is directly related to the quality of the containers for sale and to their appearance and resistance in general. In addition, they usually have a CSC (convention for safe containers) plate, which allows them to be used for shipments abroad. While there is no universal classification system for the status of shipping containers, companies like A American Container use a scale to rate the integrity of new (“single-trip”) and used shipping containers.

We have a variety of 10, 20 and 40 foot shipping containers for sale for your next container project. These cargo containers can spend years traveling maritime routes and wear out naturally.

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