Is a Gun Bag a Locked Container? - A Comprehensive Guide

Ammunition and firearms are not allowed in hand luggage and must be checked in. Weapons must be packed in a rigid container that can be locked and closed. The key to this lock must remain in your possession at all times. Anything that has a padlock to prevent it from opening and being fully closed, such as a backpack with locked zippers, is considered a secure container.

In accordance with California Penal Code section 16850, the term “closed container” means a secure container that is fully closed and closed with a padlock, a key lock, a combination lock, or similar locking device. This means that if you are an American citizen over 18 years of age who is not prohibited from possessing firearms and who resides or is temporarily in California, you may transport any firearm in a motor vehicle as long as it is unloaded and stored in the trunk of the vehicle or in a locked container. When it comes to using an approved gun lock while you're in the state, you can take your approved locking mechanism and place one end around the D-ring of the shoulder strap, located on the right side of the bag. This locking mechanism is designed to comply with California criminal codes in relation to “closed containers”.

In addition, the gun must be transported directly to or from any motor vehicle for any legal purpose and, while being transported, must be inside a locked container. If you have questions about TSA firearms regulations and for information about what you can and cannot carry in your hand or checked luggage, contact the TSA call center. It's important to note that when traveling with firearms, you must ensure that they are properly secured in an approved container. This means that the container in which the firearm was located when it was purchased may not properly secure the firearm when transported in checked baggage.

When it comes to traveling with firearms, it's important to understand the laws of your destination state and to use an approved gun lock while you're there. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your firearms are properly secured and that you are compliant with all applicable laws.

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