What are 5 types of container ships?

Alconet Containers specializes in buying and selling various types of containers. With two container warehouses in the port of Rotterdam, with a total dimension of 90,000 m2, we can offer excellent opportunities in the field of container storage, repair, modification and maintenance. There are many different types of shipping containers. Alconet Containers has a wide variety of containers that we sell worldwide.

Here we list our 5 types of shipping containers and what they are used for. Tank containers are used to transport liquids or chemicals. The IMO certification of the tank container indicates what type of liquids can be transported in the container. Containers with an open top can be loaded from the top. This is especially useful when dealing with goods or mortar with a crane or forklift.

A container with an open top does not have a fixed roof, but can be covered with a tarp. Flat-shelf containers are used to transport goods with unique dimensions. This is possible because a flat grid container has no sides. Learn more about what a flat grid container is. Intermodal or ISO containers are used to ship cargo and are designed for transportation in more than one mode, such as rail and truck or ship and rail.

Due to the relevance and growing demand for better maritime cargo transportation channels, significant advances have been made in the field of container ships, and these improvements are expected to increase even more in the future. Container ships have revolutionized the way cargo is transported around the world, offering security and protection to cargo supplies. Geared container ships use cranes for automatic loading and unloading in ports where cargo volumes are low. In addition, the concept of mobile container ships was introduced, in which the cell guides ran from the bottom of the cellar to the stands above the roof.

General cargo ships are specifically focused on carrying loose loads of all types, but they are not prepared to carry containers. But also for container service, maintenance, modifications and storage, Alconet is in the right place. The first container ship was launched in the early 1950s and was designed to carry train freight cars. This type of container is used for transport by road and abroad and also constitutes an ideal storage space.

These ships are designed to carry all types of vehicles, trucks, wheeled cargo and even trailers that carry containers. The start of container transport marks one of the most important advances in the maritime cargo industry, in addition to improvements in navigation tools. However, crane systems continue to play a critical role in loading and unloading containers to and from ship holds. Alconet Containers operates worldwide with the purchase and sale of various types of containers and container-related products.

One of the main characteristics of this type of vessel is that it has its own set of cranes integrated into the vessel, which are used to load and unload cargo at the port. The difference between a cargo ship and a container ship is that a container ship is actually a type of cargo ship.

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